/bɒnd / (say bond)

1. something that binds, fastens, confines, or holds together.
2. a cord; rope; band; ligament.
3. something that unites individual people into a group.
4. something that constrains a person to a certain line of behaviour.
5. a bondsman or security.
6. a sealed document under which a person or corporation guarantees to pay a stated sum of money on or before a specified day.
7. any written obligation under seal.
8. a written undertaking to work for a specified period, or to pay back an agreed sum of money in default, as a condition for accepting certain scholarships, awards or privileges from an employer.
9. Law
a. a contract under seal to pay a debt, or to pay a sum of money in default of fulfilling some condition.
b. an undertaking by an offender to be of good behaviour for a certain period.
10. the state of dutiable goods on which the duties are unpaid (especially in phrase in bond).
11. Finance a fixed-term security, especially one issued by a government or semi-government authority, that pays a fixed rate of interest during its life and repays the principal at maturity. Compare debenture (def. 1).
12. Insurance
a. a surety agreement.
b. the money deposited, or the promissory arrangement entered into, under any such agreement.
13. bond money.
14. a substance that causes particles to adhere; a binder.
15. Chemistry any linkage between atoms in a compound.
16. bond paper.
17. Building Trades the connection of the stones or bricks in a wall, etc., made by overlapping them in order to bind the whole into a compact mass.
verb (t)
18. to hold or join together with a bonding substance: use an adhesive to bond the tiles to the wall.
19. to put (goods, an employee, official, etc.) in or under bond.
20. Finance to place a bonded debt on; mortgage.
21. Building Trades to cause (bricks or other building materials) to hold together firmly by laying them in an overlapping pattern.
22. to unite, as members of a group: *He said the Eagles' finals campaign last year bonded the players together and gave them an idea of what was needed. –west australian, 1991.
verb (i)
23. to hold together by being bonded, as bricks in a wall.
24. to establish a close parent-child relationship, especially in the early postnatal period.
25. to establish a close interpersonal relationship with another or others.
26. relating to someone who is held in an occupation or condition by duress, as a convict, slave, serf, etc.: our early migrants, whether bond or free; a bond stockman; bond labour.
{Middle English, variant of band3}
bonder, noun

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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